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The Designers Behind Fruition Hat Co. On Launching A Black-Owned Accessories Brand

How Atlanta-Based Hat Designers Bryan Chatman And Stanzel Jackson’s Ideas Came To Fruition

The brand’s founders felt a call to launch their company with a mission to make sure customers feel like their most confident selves.

Fruition Hat Co.

Fruition Hat Co., an Atlanta-based hat brand, emerged in 2018 as a vibrant manifestation of creativity. Founded by designers Bryan Chatman and Stanzel Jackson, the brand was a “call” they felt compelled to answer and execute. Both designers are reinvigorating hat fashion with their creations, colorful and well-crafted hats spanning from wide-brim styles to trendy trucker hats. Fruition, the company name carries a deeper meaning rooted in the founder’s spiritual journey. Through a religious lens that “call” was a “call to Jesus” and embodied the realization of the brand’s divine purpose and fulfillment of one’s calling. 

The Designers Behind Fruition Hat Co. On Launching A Black-Owned Accessories Brand

Each hat is carefully created to become a piece of wearable art. The wide array of styles reflects the diversity the brand wants to extend to, allowing customers to find a hat that resonates with their personal style. Fruition Hat Co.’s devotion to craftsmanship is made apparent in the meticulous details like a feather or embroidery added. The niche company has carved out a unique space in the accessories industry and is bringing back the extravagance of hat fashion one design at a time through its meaningful designs. 

We recently caught up with Bryan Chatman, one of the founders behind Fruition Hat Co. to learn about what inspires the brand’s designs, what it was like being a part of SOKO Market, and more.

Bryan Chatman: We launched the business in 2018. We had been working in the hat industry for years, specifically in the Atlanta area, and were heavy local contributors to the rebirth of hat fashion. At the time we were [contributing our expertise to] another company [by] building their clientele base and adding color and flavor to their business, but far too often felt unappreciated. It was at [that] breaking point when we decided to start our own hat company. We then [continued] to build a company where we could use our creativity to kick off our establishment of generational wealth for our families and loved ones.

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What is your brand ethos or mission?

Fruition’s ethos is “be you, be true”. We believe that being true to yourself all the time will allow you to feel and be your best at all times. We design for the inner superstar of our clients. It is our mission to make sure our clients leave in a hat that feels amazing wearing.

Who or what are your inspirations when it comes to your work?

We are inspired by people who dare to be different. People who want or challenge themselves to be expressive through style.

The Designers Behind Fruition Hat Co. On Launching A Black-Owned Accessories BrandFruition Hat Co.

What moves you as a designer?

We are moved by knowing that we are creating a timeless imprint on fashion. We have taken traditional hat-making to a new yet timeless level. There has not been quite an era where people have been able to tell their stories through headwear. We believe that a hat is just a hat unless it’s infused with a piece of your story.

How was it being part of SOKO Market?

We loved being a part of the SOKO Market. We got to meet so many new entrepreneurs, old friends, and customers in person. Soko Market allowed us to gauge new fashion trends that we could implement in our business. We are so grateful to be a part of the Soko Market and look forward to next year’s market.


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