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Long Distance Love and its Benefits for Woman

Despite a lack of physical contact, long-distance relationships can benefit a person psychologically

By Phillip Vance Smith II

Long Distance Love

Falling for someone from a distance

The internet age makes connecting with people across the globe easy and somewhat safe for women looking to get to know a man before physical introduction. Often, internet connections get a bad reputation because people tend to focus on the negative aspects of meeting people online. On the internet, a person can be what they want to be. Aside from using filters to shave off a few pounds of a chunky face, people grossly inflate their height, social status, and even their income. Some may consider these exaggerations a form of dishonesty, and they very may well be, but the motivations behind exaggerations about appearance or social status all lead toward one goal: love. 

Even before the internet, people conducted love affairs over the phone or through letters. The fact that people can fall for someone hundreds of miles away may raise red flags that something is wrong with that person, or it could show that they are willing to love despite any barrier standing in their way. Truthfully, people enter long-distance relationships for a bevy of reasons, and many are willing to do whatever it takes to attract long-term attention.

Why do people choose long-term relationships? Websites like Facebook Dating, Mocospace, Meet Moi, Plenty of Fish, Tinder, and Tagged make meeting people easy. A person can log on and swipe left for days while searching for the perfect body, smile, or profile quote, but what happens after they type an introductory message? If their muse responds, they have to talk. Over time, a few online text messages can extend into emails detailing a person’s loves and fears. Meeting people online enables a dater to get a feel for the person’s termperamernt and character. Once a deeper connection is established, they may exchange phone numbers. Texts, late night phone calls, and FaceTime meetings can help a person feel intimately connected to someone, even if they are oceans away.

Despite a lack of physical contact, long-distance relationships can benefit a person psychologically by inserting a level of control that they might not have if dating in the flesh. The single mother who works all day and has little free time at home can communicate with a man that she likes without prematurely introducing him to her children. Distance allows her to learn more about his pesonality before committing to something deeper. In this way, she can decide if he would be a good fit for her family without causing trauma to her children by having multiple men traverse in and out of their lives as she looks for a mate through dates. Lack of physical relations can also benefit a woman time to determine if a man can truly lover her; or if he only wants a sex partner. Of course, men can play games from a distance, too, but the chances of learning a man’s motives over the phone, versus in person, offers more of a plus than a minus. A man who questions a woman’s feelings and plans fro the future will appear more genuine than someone making sexual innuendos during each conversation. 

Falling for someon from a distance can often have the same emotional connection as dating someone in peson, and it can boost confidence. When people fall in love, they feel better; and are happier. Whether happiness can last depends on the parties involved, but learning to love someone long distance is definitely worth a try for a women intent on protecting her heart. Lastly, learning to love someomne from a distance can also promote longevity in a relationship. At the very least, a couple who begins dating from a distance connects emotionally first instead of sexually. An emotional connection can last longer than one based on sex from the onset.