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Learn to Invest in Fine Art

Masterworks is a blue-chip art investing platform that is legitimate. Masterworks gives the chance for virtually anyone – not just the high rollers – to invest in artwork that’s worth up to $30 million.

By Brian L. Johnson

Dark Milk
gerhard richter

This work features elements that are typical of Basquiat’s best work – including skulls, xerox, collaged works on paper, and oilstick hieroglyphics and text.

I must admit, this does sound like a skeptical but very interesting idea. I was able to invest roughly about a year ago today. My first investment was Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Dark Milk” and 

Gerhard Richter’s “Ziege”. This year my portfolio is up more than 20%. I must admit this is something that is to diversify for the long term. 

Masterworks allows investors to buy fractional shares in art, otherwise most would not be able to afford. Art can prove lucrative, this is still based on which art that you choose. 

How does this work?

  1. Masterworks sources paintings and commits its capital to purchase them.
  2. Then file an offering circular with the Securities and Exchange Commission to offer it publicly.
  3. Investors can invest in the painting by purchasing shares.
  4. Masterworks sells the painting and each investor shares in their proportionate share of any profit or loss.

For More info Check out this video below: