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No Crying Allowed:

A Boys Journey to Understanding Hidden Emotions

By Tasha El-Amin

“I got being mad down pact, I learned that pretty easy. Besides, being mad feels good, well maybe not good, it just makes me feel better. Better than my sad thoughts, or my scared thoughts, or my hurt feelings, or my disappointment.

Devin is a boy who just wants to cry. He needs help understanding why instead, that his tears show up as anger. Amidst a world full of angry people, including some of the children and adults at his school, Devin is learning that the anger he sees and feels, is actually often times, a sea of other emotions, that got trapped deep down inside. He recalls some of his life stories through participation in therapy, and learned about something called trauma. Devin learns to be open to the support of trusting adults around him and ultimately, that crying is allowed, and that its actually good for the soul! When is the last time that you had a good solid cry? Did it make you feel better?


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